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I now have all Egyptian style Belly Dance classes on thursdays at 6:00 to 7:00 and on saturdays from 2:oo to 3:00 and coming up on June 6th I will be having classes at Plaza De Anaya to contact them on website www.plazadeanaya.com

 RozaPhoenicia@yahoo.com Call (602)334-0609 for more info. or private lesson or choreography.

In founding this company I wished to create an oasis for all those who appreciate living with timeless art. Belly Dance oe Raqsharqi (Dance of the East in Arabic) as it is formally called, is a time honored ancient art. *It is widely believed thoughout the Middle East that no dancer can match the skill or has the 'touch' of the Egyptian Belly Dancer. *

We offer hand made, one of a kind items such as costumes, and accesories made in Egypt.  We believe buying hand made items creates a better future and more stable economic climate for the planet while slowing global cultural homogenization.  We invest in families and communities that keep our art form alive. 

Roza trains in Egypt to realize both the authentic, and creative  approach there to Belly Dance, or Raqs Sharqi. She has a strong fitness background as a certified fitness intructor, and has traveled and studied Middle Eastern Politics and History as well as dance, and can JUST ABOUT read and write Arabic.  She can offer you a unique approach to learning this physical, emtional, intellectual and spiritual form of dance and  excercise. 

*Natasha Senkovitch from "The Belly Dancers of Cairo, and insturactunal dvds" award winning documentary.

  RozaPhoenicia@yahoo.com Call (602)334-0609 for more info.

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Roza trains in Egypt to bring you the best.

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This is one of my troupe dancers anna edith.I trained her myself and she is a very tallented dancer and does many dances to book her for a event, wedding, party, or other events call 334-0245.